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Pack of 24 Solid 100% Cotton Unisex Bandanas - Bulk Wholesale

Pack of 24 Solid 100% Cotton Unisex Bandanas - Bulk Wholesale

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Cotton bandanas for men: Our cotton bulk wholesale bandanas set comes with 24 bandanas in 22 inch square. Wear our wholesale bandanas as neckties, headbands, pocket square, face masks, wrist head wraps, mini turban, scarf, purse accessories, dusty masks, wet cold compress & hot heat compress. Have fun at the beach, protect your head & hair from sun, water & sweat. Wholesale bandanas: If you are really crafty then there are endless possibilities for how you can use your cotton bulk wholesale bandanas. Get some for your beloved pet as well, tie a dog bandana around your dog's neck to make it stand out at the park or make a little catnip pouch for you cat using cotton bandanas. Solid bandana pack: Our bandannas are made with our customers' satisfaction in mind and each solid bandanas in the cotton bulk wholesale bandanas set is durable beyond industry standards. All the bandanas are made with excellent breathable material. Use our soldi bandana pack for your everyday protection, from the heat or from the cold, use it as a do rag. Pack of bandanas: In any weather, a bandana can be your best friend. Just take the bandana and tie it around your head for some much needed shade, or tie our beautiful cotton bandana in front of your face to prevent nasty sunburns and to look cool at the same time. Fashionable for party, festivals, wedding, events, summer camp, schools, themed parties, costume. Bulk bandanas: our bulk bandanas are used by men, women, eldrely and children. Our bandanas in bulk are very durable and machine washable. Traditionally, they fit in your pocket as a hanky, can be tied around your head as a sweat band, and worn around your arm or neck as a colorful accessory. Great colors: white bandanas, black bandanas, red bandanas, blue bandanas, green bandanas, yellow bandanas, pink bandanas, purple bandanas, grey bandanas and more.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews

Great for desert or sandy climate.

I want to say thank you!!!

As advertised, good product..

Stephen H

Use them as hankerchiefs, allow you to blow you nose and to wipe the sweat off.

truly good!!!

What I was looking for.

I love the 100% cotton quality.

Great for the price, goodproduct.