Balec Group was started in 2014, by Stephan Attar and Jordan Botbol upon recognizing that E-commerce was the future of retail. They started by selling branded goods across a multitude of product categories eventually carving out their own niche in apparel accessories. Upon doing so, they proceeded to create and distribute several of their own trademarked brands which generate multimillion dollar annual sales through online marketplaces and their own D2C websites. Balec Group fulfills approximately 10,000 orders per month across their suite of brands.

In the decade since starting Balec Group, its founders have very regularly been approached by other entrepreneurs looking for assistance to grow their own e-commerce operations. Many of these entrepreneurs quickly recognized the vast costs associated with setting up a successful operation to warehouse, distribute, and fulfill orders. From rent and labor to supplies and software running an efficient e-commerce operation required a large up front investment which startups and small business don't always have. Furthermore, many founders didn't want to spend their days managing such an operation and prefer instead to focus their attention on developing their product. As seasoned operators, we understand the challenges and opportunities that business operators face. As a result, we created services to serve our fellow entrepreneurs which permit them to use Balec Groups e-commerce operation on an as needed basis.

Balec Group' customers only incur costs for what they need as they need it and can scale up or down at anytime. Furthermore, they can do so without having to invest in infrastructure or commit to fixed costs like rent and employees. Our customers love the flexibility, affordability and ease of working with us as we're experts in our craft that take so much of the monotony of running an e-commerce company off of their shoulders.

All of our services come with transparent pricing publicly listed on our website. They are also typically month to month with no long term commitment required. Give us a try to see if it works for you! We're committed to providing you a level of service that will make you want to stay...

Inc. 5000 Honors

Top Ranked Company in America

In 2021, We had the privilege of being honored as one of the fastest-growing privately owned companies in the United States by Inc Magazine

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