• Inventory Management

    • Stock level tracking
    • Reorder alerts
    • Inventory forecasting
    • Inventory optimization
  • Warehouse Management

    • Product storage
    • Pick and pack services
    • Inventory control
    • Warehouse space optimization
  • Fulfillment Strategy

    • Order batching
    • Drop-shipping coordination
    • Cross-docking
    • Backorder management
  • Shipping & Logistics

    • Carrier selection
    • Shipping rate negotiation
    • Order tracking
    • Returns management
  • Returns & Exchanges

    • Returns processing
    • Refund management
    • Exchange facilitation
    • Reverse logistics
  • FBA Preparation

    • FNSKU Labeling
    • UPC Stickering
    • Multipack Bundling
    • Polybagging
  • Customization

    • Subscription box assembly
    • Kitting and Bundling
    • Labeling and Stickering
    • Personalized packaging
  • Technology Integration

    • Order management software
    • E-commerce integration
    • Optimized Automation
    • Data analytics and reporting
  • Quality Control

    • Quality Assurance
    • Product inspection
    • Packaging quality checks
    • Compliance with standards


Experience hassle-free 3PL fulfillment with our clear, upfront pricing. Say goodbye to unexpected costs with no receiving fees, hidden charges, or complicated fee structures. We believe in complete transparency, ensuring you know exactly what you’re paying for, so you can focus on growing your business with confidence and peace of mind.

  • Fulfillment: $5.95 per order + $1.25 per item (includes box and packing supplies, does not include cost of shipping)
  • Monthly Storage: $2.95 per cubic foot
  • Monthly Software Fee: $95
  • No receiving fees, no hidden fees, no complicated fees. 

Example Pricing:

Order & Item Fees: If you have 1 order of 2 items, then the price would be $5.95 + $2.50 ($1.25 per item) = $8.45 flat including picking, packing & supplies.

If you have a wholesale order or FBA for 100 units, then the price would be $5.95 + $125 ($1.25 per item) = $130.95 flat including picking, packing & supplies

Storage Fees: The average pallet size is 4 ft by 4 ft by 4 ft which when multiplied together (4x4x4=64) results in 64 cubic feet for which the monthly storage fee would be $189 (64x$2.95=$189)

  • Experience & Expertise

    With years of experience in the logistics industry, our team brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project. We understand the unique challenges of 3PL fulfillment and are committed to delivering solutions that exceed your expectations.

  • Scalability & Flexibility

    Whether you're a startup looking to scale your operations or an established enterprise seeking to optimize your supply chain, we have the flexibility and scalability to meet your needs. Our customizable solutions can be tailored to accommodate fluctuations in demand and evolving business requirements.

  • Technology & Innovation

    We invest in cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions to stay ahead of the curve. From warehouse management systems to order tracking and reporting tools, we leverage technology to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and transparency across our fulfillment operations.

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