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Qraftsy Neon Colors Paisley Bandana - Cotton - Available in 1 Pack or 3 Pack

Qraftsy Neon Colors Paisley Bandana - Cotton - Available in 1 Pack or 3 Pack

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100% Cotton: Each Package Includes 1 or 3 paisley bandanas with a approx size of 22 in by 22. Endless Places to Wear It: Have fun at the beach and protect your head and/or hair from the sun, water and sweat! Support your team or create your own with our various colors options! Fashionable day-to-night party, festival & everyday accessory. Solid Colors & Machine washable: Color will not fade or bleed in wash. Bandanas for men: Wear our bandanas as a necktie, headband, pocket square, face mask, head wrap, mini turban, scarf, purse accessory, dust mask, wet for a cold compress & hot for a heat compress. A versatile piece of clothing that can be worn as a t-shirt, headband or even a shoelace. It's also known as the man's tie. Bandana headbands: A premium cotton bandana made for the outdoorsman who doesn't mind getting dirty. Pouch it over your nose and mouth in moist, hot weather to protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays. It's also a great addition to your gear bag for keeping dust out of your eyes, and it can be used as a temporary sling for aching muscles, scrapes, and bruises. Western bandanas for men: Our bandanas are the quintessential must-have accessory for any occasion. Keep it on hand to keep your hair from getting all dusty, or use it as a scarf in the warmer months. The cotton fabric feels just like cloth, but looks better! It's a functional fashion statement that's also fashionable and stylish. Hair bandanas: Keep your hair off your face and out of the way with these ultra-absorbent, premium cotton bandanas. Wash them in the washing machine and they'll come out just as good as new. Perfect for keeping dust, dirt and debris away from your neck and face. white bandanas, black bandanas, red bandanas, blue bandanas and more colors are available.

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