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Balec Dog Solid Bandanas - 4 Pieces - Scarf Triangle Bibs for Any Small, Medium or Large Pets

Balec Dog Solid Bandanas - 4 Pieces - Scarf Triangle Bibs for Any Small, Medium or Large Pets

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Balec brand bandanas set and maintained the standard for quality handkerchiefs for many years. Our bandanas take home the prize for best quality because of their high caliber cotton, sewn edges, and double sided non fading print. These characteristics increase the longevity and functionality of bandanas. Even after multiple years and washes, the fabric and color stay intact and vibrant. Traditionally, they fit in your pocket as a hanky, can be tied around your head as a sweat band, and worn around your arm or neck as a colorful accessory. Very good for dogs or any pets. Below are some of the reasons you want to get your dog a dog bandana!
1. Use a bright color dog bandana whenever you take your dog to the park. That way, they can run around and you can still keep an eye on them.
2. Some dogs just drool a lot. The dog bandana comes in very handy.
3. We noticed that when dogs wear a bandana, people are friendlier towards them. The bandana somehow puts people at ease.
4. When it's hot out, soak your dog bandana in water to help them keep cool.
5. Dog bandanas can make great homemade flea collars, give the bandana a squirt of the spray to keep the fleas away.
6. Last but not least, they are a great fashion statement!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Carey D
Perfect pets bandanas

They got the job done. Colors were really nice.

Best dogs bandanas ever

My son likes to match his clothes to his bandana and with all the color options, he can.

They are such good bandanas.

Washes up very well. Color and print still intact look good.

Shape and size are perfect

Bright colors and very cool paisley print.

I love them!

This is the second Bandana pack I have bought for my puppy!